Your apartment, a PETA friendly wildlife reserve


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Inspired by one of my most creative, inventive, and thoughtful friends when it comes to home decor, I would like to introduce the idea of ethical (and stylish) “taxidermy” as household items. If you have been to a hunting lodge … Continue reading

Starting spring inside


As your Valentine bouquets begin to wilt, let’s keep the freshness inside until it’s time to throw open our windows!

I’ve recently moved and as I’m organizing my bedroom, I’ve been trying to figure out creative ways to bring nature indoors. Bringing color and texture to my white walls I plan to hang some air plants from the corner ceiling near my window. In the end it will look a little like this:

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 10.18.41 AMYou can buy supplies separately, all you need is:

West ElmAmazon Twine

Or, you can get the entire look from one website.

A favorite hostess gift of mine are Twig Terrariums. These creative and funky vignettes give a little humor to the beautiful and natural terrariums.

Man on a benchCoupleBeachSkatingLight Bulb

Small, spiky, and simple are house cacti. The Old Lady Cactus, flowering annually with a ring of buds around her neck is a feminine accent to any mantle. Old Lady Cactus

I plan to hang earrings and necklaces from mini garden hooks. And although I adore the silver etsy hooks, I prefer a simpler line drawing me to the second choice.


You can also make use of the 3″ x 42″ space on a window sill.

Window sill

Or order one of these amazing containers to hang on the wall or place upon a table.


There are so many beautiful and intriguing species of cacti, choose what suits your taste. I love the soft haired cacti, tall stalks with hats, and flowering spikes. Below are a few favorites. Thimble CactiLiving RockSpikyBouquet

Cheers to an early spring!


My Valentine <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!! A little peek into how I spend Valentine’s.

Starting the day with heart shaped pancakes, waffles, or eggs is a family tradition. Don’t forget to use food coloring for red pancakes (green for St. Patrick’s Day).

Breakfast love

I used to be embarrassed when my mother made us dress up for holidays. How could I possibly go to school wearing red on Valentine’s Day?? Very uncool in the 90’s. Good thing we always got statement socks with our themed breakfast so I could technically dress up while still hiding it from peer review. Now, I wear those thematic socks with pride!

Heart socks

If you’ve got a special someone, and as I read in the text below the picture, we all do, write a love letter! Everyone deserves a hand-written note at least once a year.
A custom love noteMy Valentine Note :)

Instead of the fun but wasteful valentine cards we used to pass around grammar school, let’s use the same idea, but enrich it: flowering heart paper. You can write a special note, give a packet of them as confetti, or just leave them hidden for sweet reminders to let someone know you care. The best part is that they can then be planted and will continue to remind someone of your love in the spring!
Valentines that grow

Now, it’s time to get that last minute valentine if you haven’t yet secured a date.. these tights may help.

Heart tights

Also, don’t be afraid to date yourself! Take yourself to a manicure and get something fresh and in the spirit of love.

Valentine manicure

If you aren’t looking for romance, but still love and comfort, make your own heart shaped marshmallows and indulge in some chocolate!

Hot Chocolate

Make sure to include your friends in the indulgence. A friend of mine is hosting a gathering for friends to relax, enjoy, and “commiserate” encouraging everyone to bring their “coping mechanism of choice” to share with one another. Her invitation graphics are below:

Sadie's Cute Invite!Last but not least, remember to thank the world for all that you have and mostly thank yourself for the self love you’ve enjoyed today. 🙂

Love ring

My love to you,


Let Winter Sparkle

Now that the cold has settled in and holiday displays have been replaced with hearts, what to do with all those sparkling lights? It doesn’t feel right to have all the snow without the shimmer, so let’s adjust our lighting displays to save the shine without keeping mistletoe above our doors. Well, maybe let’s keep that too 🙂

This works for my friend, Noel, but for the rest of us, just pick one of your favorite displays and add a little dazzle for the cooler months. Dazzle your everyday decor

Maybe you’re feeling like you want to start to re-organize post holidays. Place your lights in a jar and light them next to a cozy fire with a glass of mulled wine – the best part? That all you do for further storage is placing the jar in the closet 🙂
Lights in a jarMulled Wine

Using lights to accent walls or create new ways of designer lighting is also an amazing continued use. See below for my personal favorites:

Sleep safely under snowSparkling waterfallWall of lightA new winter treeLight art

Let it be a BRIGHT winter!



One of the most important books I got to know during my first design internship was not by a designer, planner, or even a school; it was Pantone’s color book!

For those familiar, no explanation needed, for those not, Pantone is recognized by graphic designers, painters, calligraphers, interior designers, fashion designers, and more as the reference for color. As you will quickly find out, “blue” can literally mean thousands of colors. How do you explain the color you need to match a fabric in India with drapes from New Jersey and tailored seat cushions from North Carolina?

Below shows 2013’s Fashion Color Guide, and a 2011 inspired color pallet… notice a few Pantone references?

Recently, designers have looked to their own daily lives for inspiration, and inspired they were. The amount of products popping up in Brooklyn, Chicago, and online are constantly catching my attention. It’s a specific world that so appreciates Pantone references and now we can show off our designer badges in, and I mean it, ANY form.

The first collection below has become my January stationery. I love appropriating colors to those I’m writing and jump at every opportunity to return to the written word and needing postage to send a message. 

Notebooks available in different colors and pairings work great for work notes and busy lists. 

And who can get anything done without hot tea or coffee?  Perhaps you are looking for something fun to carry all your color samples, fabric swatches, and calligraphy pens in?

 And then there are just the fun products, enjoy!

Simple Gifts


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I’ve recently finished an in-house position for a client and wanted to properly send myself off with thoughtful notes for everyone. Inspired by my love for salt and the Office Holiday Bake-off, I figured what better way than contribute to the December … Continue reading

Playing with Peppermint


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Cheers to the holiday season! Chilled streets are filling up with spruce and evergreen; snow flurries continue to tease us; and the classic, red and white striped candy is back. Candy Canes & Peppermint! A few of my favorite decorations … Continue reading