One of the most important books I got to know during my first design internship was not by a designer, planner, or even a school; it was Pantone’s color book!

For those familiar, no explanation needed, for those not, Pantone is recognized by graphic designers, painters, calligraphers, interior designers, fashion designers, and more as the reference for color. As you will quickly find out, “blue” can literally mean thousands of colors. How do you explain the color you need to match a fabric in India with drapes from New Jersey and tailored seat cushions from North Carolina?

Below shows 2013’s Fashion Color Guide, and a 2011 inspired color pallet… notice a few Pantone references?

Recently, designers have looked to their own daily lives for inspiration, and inspired they were. The amount of products popping up in Brooklyn, Chicago, and online are constantly catching my attention. It’s a specific world that so appreciates Pantone references and now we can show off our designer badges in, and I mean it, ANY form.

The first collection below has become my January stationery. I love appropriating colors to those I’m writing and jump at every opportunity to return to the written word and needing postage to send a message. 

Notebooks available in different colors and pairings work great for work notes and busy lists. 

And who can get anything done without hot tea or coffee?  Perhaps you are looking for something fun to carry all your color samples, fabric swatches, and calligraphy pens in?

 And then there are just the fun products, enjoy!


Chalk it up to…

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, chalk boards have made a wild come back with products like


Below, I will list some of the more creative uses for “chalkboard” influenced paint and other fun products.

HOW cool is this!? Recently, the DIY Network renovated a kitchen in a similar manner to what is pictured below with magnetic paint. By priming your wall space with it, you can accessorize with cute magnets to truly make use of the space!

Invite chalk artist Dana Tanamachi to decorate your newly scribble-able walls with her unique style.

Here’s another great DIY using old wine glasses to identify dinner party guests.
Some other great products inspired by this age old concept are below:
First, we have stickers that may be applied to whatever your event or desire requires
These containers come assembled and are perfect for cereal, rice, baking products, rubber bands… you get the idea 🙂These cups are perfect for a forgetful husband or the tired mother who deserves an “I love you” upon waking… or just for some doodling on a fun, new surfaceAs a good host knows, one should always try to switch up courses, which goes for cheese as well! To label your choice of fruit and cheese, I give you the cheese plate!
Another labeling idea is the name cards below – soap stone chalk included!These table numbers (perfect for the country wedding) can be hung around a jar or wine bottle, on floral arrangements, or simply strung from a candle
My sister was decorating her apartment on a DIY budget and found this wall decal. We used it to write notes or affirmations to one another and to welcome people to parties when hosting guests; and the best part, No Holes in the Wall!! We are still renting 🙂Adorable for children’s rooms without having to buy and store a huge physical chalkboard… reminiscent of school days passed.
& ice creamPerhaps the cutest idea of the bunch, and great for mix and match decor! Sometimes writing on the wall can become tiresome. So, for playtime, a fun alternative idea is to use the craft table (shown below) for crafts and coloring.
As far as the older kids go, what could be better than this designer ping pong table for a mere $3k? Oh yes… a DIY version on whatever table you find at the nearest Costco, BJ’s, etc.Now that we’ve got your kids hooked on their chalk boards, they will need one when on-the-go! The designer of these boards uses a variety of fabric to match the board with its owner’s personality. It’s the perfectly versatile coloring book / sketchpad for restaurants, waiting rooms, and anywhere else your kids’ attention may need to be occupied.
Let’s not forget the CHALK! Here are just a few cute ideas:
As for a last minute tip: always wet the end of chalk before using it to get the cleanest lines. Additionally, there are chalk markers that come in a wide range of colors that leave less mess!
Finally, a GREAT DIY idea for gifting, storing, or recycling other products!