Let Winter Sparkle

Now that the cold has settled in and holiday displays have been replaced with hearts, what to do with all those sparkling lights? It doesn’t feel right to have all the snow without the shimmer, so let’s adjust our lighting displays to save the shine without keeping mistletoe above our doors. Well, maybe let’s keep that too 🙂

This works for my friend, Noel, but for the rest of us, just pick one of your favorite displays and add a little dazzle for the cooler months. Dazzle your everyday decor

Maybe you’re feeling like you want to start to re-organize post holidays. Place your lights in a jar and light them next to a cozy fire with a glass of mulled wine – the best part? That all you do for further storage is placing the jar in the closet 🙂
Lights in a jarMulled Wine

Using lights to accent walls or create new ways of designer lighting is also an amazing continued use. See below for my personal favorites:

Sleep safely under snowSparkling waterfallWall of lightA new winter treeLight art

Let it be a BRIGHT winter!



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