My Valentine <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!! A little peek into how I spend Valentine’s.

Starting the day with heart shaped pancakes, waffles, or eggs is a family tradition. Don’t forget to use food coloring for red pancakes (green for St. Patrick’s Day).

Breakfast love

I used to be embarrassed when my mother made us dress up for holidays. How could I possibly go to school wearing red on Valentine’s Day?? Very uncool in the 90’s. Good thing we always got statement socks with our themed breakfast so I could technically dress up while still hiding it from peer review. Now, I wear those thematic socks with pride!

Heart socks

If you’ve got a special someone, and as I read in the text below the picture, we all do, write a love letter! Everyone deserves a hand-written note at least once a year.
A custom love noteMy Valentine Note :)

Instead of the fun but wasteful valentine cards we used to pass around grammar school, let’s use the same idea, but enrich it: flowering heart paper. You can write a special note, give a packet of them as confetti, or just leave them hidden for sweet reminders to let someone know you care. The best part is that they can then be planted and will continue to remind someone of your love in the spring!
Valentines that grow

Now, it’s time to get that last minute valentine if you haven’t yet secured a date.. these tights may help.

Heart tights

Also, don’t be afraid to date yourself! Take yourself to a manicure and get something fresh and in the spirit of love.

Valentine manicure

If you aren’t looking for romance, but still love and comfort, make your own heart shaped marshmallows and indulge in some chocolate!

Hot Chocolate

Make sure to include your friends in the indulgence. A friend of mine is hosting a gathering for friends to relax, enjoy, and “commiserate” encouraging everyone to bring their “coping mechanism of choice” to share with one another. Her invitation graphics are below:

Sadie's Cute Invite!Last but not least, remember to thank the world for all that you have and mostly thank yourself for the self love you’ve enjoyed today. ūüôā

Love ring

My love to you,



Simple Gifts


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I’ve recently finished an in-house position for¬†a client and wanted to properly send myself off with thoughtful notes for everyone. Inspired by my love for salt and the Office Holiday Bake-off, I figured what better way¬†than contribute to the December … Continue reading

Playing with Peppermint


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It’s pumpkin season, let’s eat!

Autumn to me, is heaven.

Nothing is as beautiful as the forest turning colors, mimicking wood-burning fires that chase morning frosts away. Nothing as striking as windows framed with snowflake designs, melting into crisp sunny days.

As we all start carving our Halloween pumpkins I realize that first, I want to provide you with some amazing recipes to use those goopy insides for! Make sure to read all the way through, there are of course some surprises at the end to inspire creative carvers.

Let’s start with breakfast and finish with dessert ūüôā Please click for recipes!!

(And send your pictures back!)

Perhaps an afternoon treat?

& use…

Now on to the hearty stuff!

And now for dessert and maybe a cocktail or two ūüôā

And don’t forget to be inspired while you carve! And keep the pumpkin spirit alive with a “DIY” pizza party…

Fresh Produce at Farmer’s Markets!!

There is no refuting that Wholefoods inspired a new appreciation for full and ripe vegetables, dew-misted greens and the idea of responsible shopping for fresh food.

That being said, there is still the fair-trade option (albeit a little less fresh) at Trader Joe’s or the slow and labor-intensive task of growing your own veggies!

Oh wait, there is one more option… have someone else do it for you and buy direct from farms!

Here are some great websites and apps that connect you to shop local!

  • Type in your zip code to find farmer’s markets near you.

  • A mobile app that helps guide you to farm stands, farmer’s markets, and locally made products.

  • Enables you to find, reserve, and prepay for local culinary events by local chefs. Great for travel!

  • Many cities have their own version of this website that lists the city’s green markets.

If you can’t get to a local market, you can still eat like it using mobile apps aimed towards eating well.

Fooducate allows you to see a letter grade instead of attempting to decipher confusing labels by scanning your products with your smart phone!

Gojee helps you utilize what you already have while putting less known ingredients to use. Finally, you can use star fruit like you do oranges!

In West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard there is a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am – 12pm. Below, you can visually experience my journey visiting the Farmer’s Market, “honor system” stands sprinkled on streets nearby, and the Flea Market in Chilmark.

Spicy Fried Eggs, Summer Salad, & Bagel


Spicy Fried Eggs, Summer Salad, & Bagel

Using left-overs from dinner & an hors d’oeuvres party, I made a delicious and spicy breakfast today!

Fried eggs with shredded Habanero Cheddar (added to the egg whites while cooking)

Paired with a summer salad of cucumber, greens, avocado, and a homemade dressing of olive oil, mustard, and balsamic vinegar.

Then, on top of a sesame seed bagel half, I used the lemon hummus, goat cheese & herbs we didn’t quite finish two evenings before.

It all turned out spicy and delicious!!

Tonight… We SAIL!!!

In celebration of my mother’s birthday, twenty of her closest friends will be setting sail on The Alabama for a sunset cruise.¬†

We will be bringing our rain jackets for protection from the cool ocean spray and crackers and seafood spread from Larsen’s Fish Market, Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard.¬†

In honor of our evening I have a wonderful collection of nautical inspired fashion, food, & decor.

…Please enjoy!


First is a gallery of appropriate sailing apparel. Make sure to include ‘boat shoes,’ something warm (preferably waterproof), and something with a hint of sailor-fashion.

Tom’s are a great style that support a great causeBeautiful Driving Moccasins by¬†Tod’s

Mossimo’s flats are also a fun find¬†

Bensimon USA’s lightweight, tennis shoes are another great,¬†colorful, and quick drying option

The cake goes to¬†Mast’s unparalleled waterproof loafers!¬†

My look today is:

A cute shift from J. Crew with a light blue and white striped pattern, adorned with yellow stitching on the shoulders.

This raincoat from Zara will compliment my outfit while keeping me warm and dry as the evening progresses.

And let’s not forget accessory totes:¬†Raybans, chap-stick, towel, etc. I will carry in this great color-blocked tote.

Other fun combination pieces are shown below.


Now back to land!


Include great seat poofs that are lightweight and easy to maneuver.  

You can also use ground and wall covers to add depth without wasting footprints. Starting as a decorative touch to seating, this cashmere throw will be priceless as evening temperatures dip in outdoor locations. You may also provide some blankets around the property in galvanized bins. The Macbeth Collection has literally hundreds of designs and options to suit your needs.  Click for designs!

Instead of going wild with the nautical theme, include key pieces to accent your summer event.  You may also trade in usual coolers for specialty picnic coolers, available in hundreds of designs.

 This amazing 60 hour candle rope always reminds me of kerosine lanterns and fishing villages of years past.  A floating oil candle could act as the lighthouse beacon in centerpieces.

 Hanging miniature metal oil lamps add the seafaring atmosphere to evening lighting

¬†As for¬†hors d’oeuvres…

Use small nautical flags to label dishes (DIY using paper, glue, & toothpicks!) Great for any party, especially ocean inspired cocktails (try to consolidate serving dishes)

This cheese tray also incorporates dipping sauces to save space and reduce the risk of spillage.

Wine trays are also a wonderful idea for cocktail parties with limited seating. 

As you can see, ranging from true boating parties to themed events, nautical influenced party ideas are endless! Have¬†fun with bold patterns and preppy colors and don’t forget to include the ocean in your plans!