A Perfect Memory

My father passed away a few years ago bringing the private subject of death very publicly to my family. Suddenly, in the midst of sorrow and shock, we were hosting, planning, and ordering items that would become the symbol of my father for eternity.

As we age, loved ones pass away and funerals and burial become familiar. There aren’t rules when it comes to mourning; ceremonies differ by faith, expressions differ by culture, and how to mark one’s life is a very subjective decision.

I am not sure how I will feel when my time comes to write my wishes, but my father wished to fly with the wind, swim in the sea, and be lifted to the sky as his ashes were born.

Although a unique post, certainly, here are some beautiful notions for marking a life that brought me peace. I wish those thoughts for all of you as well.

An urn that can be planted and grow into a tree, marking your life by starting another. Image

An urn that can grow a smaller tree to be maintained and one day planted.Image

Ashes are mixed into the reef molds that are dropped into specific locations in the sea. These rejuvenate the coral reefs and ecosystem and remain in one place to visit by boat, scuba, or in spirit always knowing where your loved one lies. Image

Certainly more unique than not, but Nadine Jarvis has made pencils from ashes, creating a lifetime supply of words that can be shared between you and your loved one, commemorated in a beautiful and simple wooden case .


Perhaps my favorite, diamonds can also be made from the carbon found in a loved ones ashes. Necklaces, rings, anything you’d like to remember your loved one and have them with you always.


May peace be with you Dad, and to everyone else out their saying goodbye to loved ones.



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