Your apartment, a PETA friendly wildlife reserve

Inspired by one of my most creative, inventive, and thoughtful friends when it comes to home decor, I would like to introduce the idea of ethical (and stylish) “taxidermy” as household items.

If you have been to a hunting lodge or perhaps a friends ancient grandfather’s study, you may be familiar with the tusks, deer, and prize furs mounted upon walls. Knowing that animal life is something to be respected and cherished, these types of medals aren’t as appropriate as they once were, and let’s be honest, a puppy’s wet nose – adorable, a bear’s starched and hairy nose – less so.

Below are a lot of designer’s take on the symbolic pieces, elegant, ironic, and stylish.

Wall Mounted Stag HeadDeer HeadFawnDeer - Softhaiti-faireRhinoGot Milk?Golden StagBlack Resin Bison HeadGolden Elephant Silver KingZebraA gift from HaitiSupport HaitiFishTweeting FabricHaiti-FaireMoose Light

However the animals call goodbye to you, insert that here!



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