One of the most important books I got to know during my first design internship was not by a designer, planner, or even a school; it was Pantone’s color book!

For those familiar, no explanation needed, for those not, Pantone is recognized by graphic designers, painters, calligraphers, interior designers, fashion designers, and more as the reference for color. As you will quickly find out, “blue” can literally mean thousands of colors. How do you explain the color you need to match a fabric in India with drapes from New Jersey and tailored seat cushions from North Carolina?

Below shows 2013’s Fashion Color Guide, and a 2011 inspired color pallet… notice a few Pantone references?

Recently, designers have looked to their own daily lives for inspiration, and inspired they were. The amount of products popping up in Brooklyn, Chicago, and online are constantly catching my attention. It’s a specific world that so appreciates Pantone references and now we can show off our designer badges in, and I mean it, ANY form.

The first collection below has become my January stationery. I love appropriating colors to those I’m writing and jump at every opportunity to return to the written word and needing postage to send a message. 

Notebooks available in different colors and pairings work great for work notes and busy lists. 

And who can get anything done without hot tea or coffee?  Perhaps you are looking for something fun to carry all your color samples, fabric swatches, and calligraphy pens in?

 And then there are just the fun products, enjoy!