No More Soap Scum!


I am freshly returned to New York City and hyper-aware of continually washing my hands. Unfortunately, this is not always a cleansing experience. There is the soap cemented to counters, the Doctor’s Office scented pink glue dripping from containers, and the bathrooms and sinksĀ without soap!

A list of beautiful and fun ways to proudly display New York City’s gold: SOAP.

Personally, I love using sponges for my own soap rest. They are absorbing (duh!), easy to clean (toss in the dishwasher), and just scream, “clean!”

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Some great options to reduce dripping hands are these handcrafted products:

A modern option to make out of old spatulas is here:

Don’t forget to add a little design to your soap dish!

Ribbed dishes prevent soap bars sticking to their dish.

The soap in your bath and showers shouldn’t be overlooked.

Take an artistic approach to the guest bathroom.

Of course, don’t forget the office and when you’re on the go.

No more Soap Glue, welcome to Foam!

Enjoy your day and keep it clean!