My Valentine <3

Happy Valentine’s Day!! A little peek into how I spend Valentine’s.

Starting the day with heart shaped pancakes, waffles, or eggs is a family tradition. Don’t forget to use food coloring for red pancakes (green for St. Patrick’s Day).

Breakfast love

I used to be embarrassed when my mother made us dress up for holidays. How could I possibly go to school wearing red on Valentine’s Day?? Very uncool in the 90’s. Good thing we always got statement socks with our themed breakfast so I could technically dress up while still hiding it from peer review. Now, I wear those thematic socks with pride!

Heart socks

If you’ve got a special someone, and as I read in the text below the picture, we all do, write a love letter! Everyone deserves a hand-written note at least once a year.
A custom love noteMy Valentine Note :)

Instead of the fun but wasteful valentine cards we used to pass around grammar school, let’s use the same idea, but enrich it: flowering heart paper. You can write a special note, give a packet of them as confetti, or just leave them hidden for sweet reminders to let someone know you care. The best part is that they can then be planted and will continue to remind someone of your love in the spring!
Valentines that grow

Now, it’s time to get that last minute valentine if you haven’t yet secured a date.. these tights may help.

Heart tights

Also, don’t be afraid to date yourself! Take yourself to a manicure and get something fresh and in the spirit of love.

Valentine manicure

If you aren’t looking for romance, but still love and comfort, make your own heart shaped marshmallows and indulge in some chocolate!

Hot Chocolate

Make sure to include your friends in the indulgence. A friend of mine is hosting a gathering for friends to relax, enjoy, and “commiserate” encouraging everyone to bring their “coping mechanism of choice” to share with one another. Her invitation graphics are below:

Sadie's Cute Invite!Last but not least, remember to thank the world for all that you have and mostly thank yourself for the self love you’ve enjoyed today. šŸ™‚

Love ring

My love to you,



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