An easy solution for storage needs: showcasing!

The most cluttered areas in my home are always The Kitchen & The Bathroom. Both areas get a substantial amount of traffic and require the most storage. Rather than wasting valuable storage above and below the sink with cabinetry, or line countertops with boxes and baskets, use your every day items as décor.

In this post, we’ll tackle the kitchen. Most of us spend hours choosing the perfect china patterns, only to hide them away for ‘special occasions.’ Instead, show off your wedding gifts and your discerning eye for design by finally getting some everyday use out of your sparingly used pieces.

How to display your china and decorate your kitchen!

The cutout below is what first inspired me to showcase items with treasured designs through accessible storage.

Below are some great examples of open storage. 

How to re-create these styles:

Use your rarely-used dining room table to display your china.

 Choose a style to display your plates that suits your specific needs; California residents need to protect their china from earthquakes and a small kitchen needs to make efficient use of space.  Hang pots and pans from the ceiling. Hang mugs and glasses on the bottom of shelves or against a wall.

Since your dishes are now visible, be specific in your design choices and make sure to color coordinate. Ensure that they highlight the color of your wall, countertop, and shelves.Here are some china finds I recommend:

Blue & White China is a versatile classic. Mix and match styles you find at yard sales, on, and in antique shops.


Stackable items are especially great for saving space.

Before purchasing, choose a design scheme and then source your china.


Classic Tones:

Funky Pieces:


Artistic Pieces:

Storage can be beautiful as well!

Show off all of those saved magazines and recipes you’ve been tearing out for years.

Display your fruit boldly.

Use storage containers to simplify and match design aesthetics.

Standardize your storage by using the same style and type of container in different sizes.

Display the spice rack!

Buy spices that already look beautiful and show them off. 

Made with magnetic caps, these spices sit beautifully against a metal backsplash or as shown below on a wood cutting board.

These bottles present any spice as art.

I would update the look with some brighter wood and of course use standardized spice containers, but what a great design idea!

Now, on to the bathroom… (next post)


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