Mason Jars – timeless & constantly evolving!

Mason jars, invented in 1858, are still being used to can and preserve food, but that isn’t the only way to make use of this dependable glass jar

I always use mason jars for roadies; whether it’s for the beach, a long car ride, or work. Being my mother’s daughter, I always prefer a chilled drink from glass! Plastic just won’t do and neither will spilling. So, I present the new and improved mason ‘roadie:’


Easy to buy at:

Additionally, similar to their original intended use, mason jars are great for cooking & storing! Check out some ideas below and click the pictures to find out how. 🙂

Here, the jar serves as a container for cooking and storing. Look at this genius! 

Give the gift of warm dessert (or comfort soup) without having to prepare it!

 Lighten up!

Overhead lighting brings a country feel to downtown.

Adorn an outdoor patio, a dimly lit wooden dining table, or the mantle of your fireplace.

Decorating couldn’t be easier than using a few jars, water, and floating candles!

My very own creations!

I used twine to attach recycled tissue paper on jars in order to add fun accents to our dinner table.

Using natural fibers around a simple design can enhance lighting for an even more romantic vibe.

Spray paint the inside to create a bright and unique color blend. The possibilities are endless!

Use stickers and stencils when spraying

Be creative and make your own floral vases!

You can order your own kit or have the experts create a scene for you; I recently had the twig-artists re-create my friend’s wedding scene in a ball jar they used for floral arrangements.

The simple beauty in this design is due to the clean use of twine and color.

The unique height and placement of this vase is amazing. It completely outdoes the ordinary.

What is better than fresh herbs year round?

And finally, a few more cool ideas:


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