Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday was my birthday and I couldn’t have had a more amazing day!

I feel best starting the day by getting centered with yoga. On the Vineyard, there is only one place that I can always count on, Fly Yoga! On the way back, I treated myself to a Mexican Mocca at The Scottish Bakehouse before heading home to begin the beach day.

Despite the focus on me, however, the most joy I experienced was in witnessing the happiness my mother showed when I gave her some beautiful flowers as thanks for everything she has done for me.

After the beach, my closest friends and family went to the Orange Peel Bakery, an outdoor stone oven in the hills of Gayhead. While Orange Peel is most know for making delicious artisan bread, sold at local grocers and farmer’s markets, they also host a ‘donation only’ pizza night on Wednesday nights in summer.

People bring toppings and usually donate a suggested $10 to make their own pizza and sample all the others made.

A local farmer gifted me some fresh clams that we sauteed in white wine, olive oil, basil and salt/pepper, which we brought as our topping!

I tasted:

Clam, cherry tomato, asparagus, and basil

Pineapple and pepperoni

Clam, prosciutto, tomato topped with blue cheese


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