Fresh Produce at Farmer’s Markets!!

There is no refuting that Wholefoods inspired a new appreciation for full and ripe vegetables, dew-misted greens and the idea of responsible shopping for fresh food.

That being said, there is still the fair-trade option (albeit a little less fresh) at Trader Joe’s or the slow and labor-intensive task of growing your own veggies!

Oh wait, there is one more option… have someone else do it for you and buy direct from farms!

Here are some great websites and apps that connect you to shop local!

  • Type in your zip code to find farmer’s markets near you.

  • A mobile app that helps guide you to farm stands, farmer’s markets, and locally made products.

  • Enables you to find, reserve, and prepay for local culinary events by local chefs. Great for travel!

  • Many cities have their own version of this website that lists the city’s green markets.

If you can’t get to a local market, you can still eat like it using mobile apps aimed towards eating well.

Fooducate allows you to see a letter grade instead of attempting to decipher confusing labels by scanning your products with your smart phone!

Gojee helps you utilize what you already have while putting less known ingredients to use. Finally, you can use star fruit like you do oranges!

In West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard there is a Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am – 12pm. Below, you can visually experience my journey visiting the Farmer’s Market, “honor system” stands sprinkled on streets nearby, and the Flea Market in Chilmark.


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