Tonight… We SAIL!!!

In celebration of my mother’s birthday, twenty of her closest friends will be setting sail on The Alabama for a sunset cruise. 

We will be bringing our rain jackets for protection from the cool ocean spray and crackers and seafood spread from Larsen’s Fish Market, Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard. 

In honor of our evening I have a wonderful collection of nautical inspired fashion, food, & decor.

…Please enjoy!


First is a gallery of appropriate sailing apparel. Make sure to include ‘boat shoes,’ something warm (preferably waterproof), and something with a hint of sailor-fashion.

Tom’s are a great style that support a great causeBeautiful Driving Moccasins by Tod’s

Mossimo’s flats are also a fun find 

Bensimon USA’s lightweight, tennis shoes are another great, colorful, and quick drying option

The cake goes to Mast’s unparalleled waterproof loafers! 

My look today is:

A cute shift from J. Crew with a light blue and white striped pattern, adorned with yellow stitching on the shoulders.

This raincoat from Zara will compliment my outfit while keeping me warm and dry as the evening progresses.

And let’s not forget accessory totes: Raybans, chap-stick, towel, etc. I will carry in this great color-blocked tote.

Other fun combination pieces are shown below.


Now back to land!


Include great seat poofs that are lightweight and easy to maneuver.  

You can also use ground and wall covers to add depth without wasting footprints. Starting as a decorative touch to seating, this cashmere throw will be priceless as evening temperatures dip in outdoor locations. You may also provide some blankets around the property in galvanized bins. The Macbeth Collection has literally hundreds of designs and options to suit your needs.  Click for designs!

Instead of going wild with the nautical theme, include key pieces to accent your summer event.  You may also trade in usual coolers for specialty picnic coolers, available in hundreds of designs.

 This amazing 60 hour candle rope always reminds me of kerosine lanterns and fishing villages of years past.  A floating oil candle could act as the lighthouse beacon in centerpieces.

 Hanging miniature metal oil lamps add the seafaring atmosphere to evening lighting

 As for hors d’oeuvres…

Use small nautical flags to label dishes (DIY using paper, glue, & toothpicks!) Great for any party, especially ocean inspired cocktails (try to consolidate serving dishes)

This cheese tray also incorporates dipping sauces to save space and reduce the risk of spillage.

Wine trays are also a wonderful idea for cocktail parties with limited seating. 

As you can see, ranging from true boating parties to themed events, nautical influenced party ideas are endless! Have fun with bold patterns and preppy colors and don’t forget to include the ocean in your plans!


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