Brunch at home!

After missing brunch yesterday morning, I had a case of the ‘sorrys’ – a derivative of a saying once used to describe days when we were moody (the ‘meanies’), but that is now altered to describe any mood throughout the day.

Rather than missing out on the joy of a delicious Sunday breakfast, I decided to explore what magic the fridge had to offer today.

Behold, Sunday’s Finest from Saturday’s leftovers… 

An Everything Bagel, lightly buttered and paired with Eggs & Bacon.

To begin, I sauteed cherry tomatoes in olive oil and then combined the tomatoes with minced red onion and shaved jalapeño (shaved to gather taste rather than spice). I then added some summer zucchini and (to balance any remaining spice from the jalapeño) cream cheese to soften the eggs, rather than my normal splash of milk.

Voila! Breakfast made from dinner’s salad and a (jalapeño) cocktail’s garnishes.



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