One thousand items used once, one item used thousands of times

This is actually more of a throw back item gallery. All of the items I’ve chosen are both green and modeled after a vintage container concept.

How many mini milk cartons did I use while in elementary school, putting the chocolate or 2% milk on my tray with a square pizza slice.

My parents always had us pack lunch boxes, but I do remember how cool my friends’ lunches seemed in their paper bags. (How to predict what is ‘cool’ to children: pogs, furby, silly bands… anyone?)

So, below are some great products to use and re-use.

The Brown Paper Bag

The Plastic Bag

The Bento Box

Forget all the plastic spoons and forks, how about these beautiful and useful bamboo utensils? 

Don’t forget the classic White Paper Napkin

Grocery Bags (Sure there are hundreds of options, but these maintain the traditional aesthetic) 

How many cartons of ice cream do you go through? I’ve got four in the freezer next to me!

Milk Carton, Milk Bottle Carrier

Egg Crate

Water BottleThe plastic party cup – forever!

Coffee Cup

Soda can and bottle

(Meant for coffee)

Farmer’s market fruit containers & cans

Coffee SleevesGood BYE Paper Maps & Subway maps!
The best realtor business card I ever received had a NYC subway map on the back… I still use it, just not the number on the front!

I’m not totally sure they fit in here, but I fell in love with these two ideas:

1. Use cans as modern art vases

2. There’s no doubt you’re acquainted with pantone chips; you may even have some saved for that room you’ve been dreaming about redecorating. Perhaps you even have some taped on a wall somewhere. This pot was just too cute to omit.


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