Beautiful faces

This post is just for some fun and to give you a little insight into how I view the world.

Passed down from my father, I am a nature LOVER. I treasure nature walks, jungle expeditions, and simply exploring the world around me. While in the city, inspiration came through hidden shop windows, flea markets, and people.

While upstate on a nature walk this weekend, however, I was blessed with the sights below. Enjoy!

The Old Grandfather checking out grocery prices

A cartoon-like, circle-faced man; surprised and a little unsure

A jack-o-lantern face; friendly and a tad scary

I love this guy. He reminds me exactly of the gentleman on the corner of a neighborhood block, leaning on his cane as his face twists in an awkward, yet kind, smile; one eye squints while the other remains vigilantly on the lookout for someone to give a warm, curled-lipped “hello.”

Careful! A snake is peeking out…

Love is everywhere! My sister loves heart shaped rocks and I can’t help but search for them in masses of pebbles and stone. Failing that, a wonderful beach combing treasure is the perfect skipping stone!

  • Now how can one use these rocks? I place my favorites upon a windowsill or in a small picture frame. None of the above were keepers, just fun examples.
  • Fill baskets with them as a nice accessory to the fireplace mantle.
  • Write wishes upon them as gifts for visitors.
  • Place them in a mosaic style wall art
  • Use them as table decoration
  • Fill a lamp, glass box, or gabion
  • Use them as the headpiece for drawer knobs
  • Use them as the knob for coat racks


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