Using what the Fridge gave you..

I made breakfast yesterday for my boyfriend’s family using only what I found in their pantry. While this can sometimes get weird, you’re almost always safe with breakfast!

Protein, Fruit/ Veggies, and maybe some type of carb or fiber.

  1. Open the fridge and do not fear leftovers
  2. Test all leftovers as they may in fact not be edible
  3. Pick your inspiring ingredient
  4. Prep!
  5. Cook!!
  6. Serve and enjoy.

My inspiring ingredient was spinach leaves, most likely intended for a salad. Additionally, I found some feta that was almost gone, mushroom, pepper, avocado and tomato… I knew I was going to fare all right.

I began the cooking by tossing the spinach with butter and mustard before adding the mushrooms to the mix.


Next, I rubbed mustard and avocado together on english muffin halves to toast in the convection oven.


My last prep involved the orange pepper, which added a great color boost, and my eggs and milk for the scrambled eggs.


In order to ensure everything was served hot, I cooked the turkey bacon first before hitting the pans…

…and voila! An open breakfast sandwich of avocado and tomato (both salted and peppered), topped with scrambled eggs with spinach, feta, pepper, and mushroom, accompanied by a fruit salad drizzled with honey.

Image               Image                Image

There was nothing left over for the puppies at the end of this meal 🙂


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