Good Morning with a Tweet

Waking up to the harmonic singing of birds is a great blessing that I’ve enjoyed this week in upstate New York.

The enjoyment reminded me of some early morning bird watching that I experienced with a guide named Esperanza during a recent trip to Belize. Since that time, I have been obsessed with birds, creatures who only a short time ago, after a sullied white blouse and a traumatizing second grade picture day, solely meant “duck and cover” to me. In particular, I love listening to their calls, identifying different tones and wing markings

So today, I give you birds! Specifically, the ways in which they can be a part of décor.

By combining these measuring spoons with your other utensils and kitchen decor, you add a country atmosphere without the mess of keeping a farm inside your house.

Following the same principle, you may opt for measuring cups. I love the white, clean look and the space saving utility of these stackable cups!

Another beautiful bird-inspired piece is this wine decanter by Riedel’s, which subtly embodies a swan’s elegance and tranquil nature when gliding across water.

Inspired by the cages that one can find enclosing the most beautiful colors of the rain forest, these pieces can be used to cover desserts from flies or to shelter terrariums.

These birds are a serene and perfect match for a fallen bud or for adding a touch of greenery to a room, beyond simply plumping something in a bud vase.

Perhaps my favorite piece in this collection is the ingenious tea bag design below. I have seen blog updates that show interest in marketing this product, but unfortunately it is at present just a wonderful idea by Natalia Ponomareva.

Of course one can’t have birds without eggs. Crate and Barrel shows a wonderful use for some country chic displays (in place of flowers) for the allergenic guest!

Additionally, these unique soy candles work wonderfully to bring the country essence of birds to any living space. Below is a DIY version I have yet to try, but which looks wonderful!

The simplistic and modern, yet fun tea light containers below are inspired by bird feathers. The color collection by glassy baby offers some of the most unique colors I’ve come across. Any of the selection below (of many) would add style and class to an event.

A direct and modern interpretation of caged, colored beauties brings a bit of fun to this traditional summer house.

Designed by the same artist, below is a version perfect for a child’s bedroom.

 Last, but certainly not least, these speakers are the coolest bird inspired piece I found because they can literally travel anywhere sparking conversation with their sleek design and amazing sound.

Time for a bird watching walk before the sun’s too hot… enjoy!


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