Buzz Off!!

I have recently been reintroduced to one of summer’s frequent flyers and, while relatively harmless, most incredible pests. In light of this event, I want to review some of my most effective solutions for flies.

Every summer party should include fruits and sweets. Inevitably, some party crashers in the form of fruit flies and other insects will soon arrive. The only tried and true method of removing these pests is killing them, although there may also be a live and let live option.

The Magic Fruit Dish

Although it may look a bit grimy, fruit flies are incapable of resisting a bowl containing fruit or red wine. By covering the bowl with saran wrap and poking small (think nail prick rather than needle) holes in it, you create the perfect DIY fruit fly trap.

Once caught (if your problem is indoors) you may wish to simply bring the bowl outside for release. Or, to eliminate the pests once and for all, wait until they circle the rim of the dish and press down to kill them.

  • This is of course where it becomes a bit “grimy,” as in order to make the most use of your trap, you will need to leave the dead flies while waiting for their friends

For other flies, the issue can be quite simple and often aesthetically pleasing.

These two containers keep food chilled by storing ice at the bottom (salad above, condiments below). They also have tops that can be removed moments before service, leaving you with a clean, clear serving dish that will work in any setting. 

Below are some more pieces, which add glamour through specificity…

And of course, the future of food protection… Below is a mock up of a cooling plate that can also protect fruit and food from pests. 

In the event that a fly just won’t stop buzzing even with these models, I give you…


What a turn this post took, huh?!



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