Moving In and Moving Forward

Moving holds one of the top five spots on my “Most Dreaded List.”

The list in fact was just made, in order to best explain moving, so, really, I guess it’s just what I dread most.

That said… I have just finished a double apartment move with my boyfriend and while setting the table for dinner realized that a few simple touches transform food consumption post- 91 degree move into a celebration of a battle well fought!


Just back from Trader Joe’s, we enjoyed a

  • salad of fresh sweat peas, orange pepper (adds great color), heirloom tomato (what else is summer gardening for!), greens, and sweet onion.
  • Tying together the salad with meat, I broiled steak tips with spices, salts (my father’s favorite celery salt and garlic salt), and topped it with olive oil & sweet onion. 
  • To enhance the finished product I placed the meat as if it were a sea scallop and topped them with the caramelized onions bringing out such summer sweetness!

Of course, transitioning dinner to celebration, I used crystal coasters I found unpacking and placed votives I’d saved from a previous events’ garbage pile to add romantic lighting. I also took out the champagne flutes and filled them with cider to accompany the Trader Joe beer we shared. It would have felt forced if I filled them with water, and why waste the cool glass bottle of beer? Since we had cider, and the sweet apple flavor complimented the red meat and sweet onion notes dinner revolved around, it was a perfect champagne substitute!

To Buy:

Votives –

Crystal Coasters – (Search on Amazon)

Brazilian Agate Coasters –

Trader Joe’s Summer Ale –


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