Hello! An introduction…

My name is Marisa and although I find conversation shared over tea, strolls, and by setting a date to meet in person the most fulfilling, I can’t ignore the channels of communication our generation has discovered and would love to create an open dialogue here about that which I am most passionate about…

Design, Ideas, Occasion, & all that travels in and out of those currents!

I welcome you to become a friend of mine on Facebook, but I will try to most dedicatedly post to this blog in the future to narrow the focus of what I hope to achieve through this. A conversation about event design, decor, lifestyle, without all of the extras that Facebook inherently clutters discussions with. 

My deepest thanks to you for visiting me here, I do hope you will continue to stop by because I will continue to research, investigate, read, listen, surf, and file the gems from others to best help you be inspired here with me. 


Marisa C. Walsh



2 thoughts on “Hello! An introduction…

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